We aim to deliver your order within the number of days shown for your country in the table bellow. Delivery time and delivery cost will depend on the destination country and the type of delivery selected. The following table also shows the countries in which we sell our products online.

Country Delivery time Delivery cost
Spain 1-2 working days 3,95€
Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Portugal and Luxemburg 3-4 working days 9,95€
Austria, , Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Sweden 4-5 working days 9,95€
Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Slovakia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania 5-7 working days 9,95€
Switzerland, United States and Canada 5-7 working days 15,95€

* Import duties not included*

Shipping costs will be excluded from all those purchases that exceed 120 euros. Therefore shipping costs are free for purchases above that amount. Please note that Saturday and Sunday are not classed as working days. If you have not received your delivery within the number of days shown for your country in the table above please contact us as soon as possible to our customer service department.

Shipping Status

The company we use to deliver all our items is UPS. Once the order has been approved and shipped you will receive an email by UPS where you will be able to follow the progress of your shipment with a tracking number.

Import duties and taxes

Please be aware that all orders received from countries outside the European Union may be subject to import duties and other taxes. Customers will be responsible for all those additional charges, in accordance with the legislation of their corresponding country.



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